Glossary of Android OS Terms

The list below defines some of the basic terminology of the Android platform

Professional Android Sensor Programming

Professional Android Sensor Programming
Professional Android Sensor Programming (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

by Greg Milette, Adam Stroud

If you want to create truly amazing apps for Android, you must know how to take advantage of all of its capabilities. This book helps you achieve this by arming you with the knowledge and code you need to put Android’s sensors to good use. From determining the smartphone’s location and interpreting physical sensors to handling images, audio, and recognizing speech, you’ll learn how to effectively apply the sensor- related APIs. With this information, you’ll not only save time during the development process but you’ll also be able to build fully featured apps that integrate new levels of interaction and automation.

Professional Android Sensor Programming
book shows Android developers how to exploit the rich set of device sensors—locational, physical (temperature, pressure, light, acceleration, etc.), cameras, microphones, and speech recognition—in order to build fully human-interactive Android applications. Whether providing hands-free directions or checking your blood pressure, Professional Android Sensor Programming shows how to turn possibility into reality.

With this book, developers who create Android apps that use sensors, GPS, camera and audio can expect to be able to save themselves hours of frustration trying to figure stuff out. As an example, given Google’s lacking documentation, figuring out how to correctly calculate azimuth/pitch/roll from TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR is a pain.

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