Glossary of Android OS Terms

The list below defines some of the basic terminology of the Android platform


Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS), a GUI debugging application shipped with the SDK.

DDMS provides port-forwarding services, screen capture on the device, thread and heap information on the device, logcat, process, and radio state information, incoming call and SMS spoofing, location data spoofing, and more.

DDMS is integrated into Eclipse and is also shipped in the tools/ directory of the SDK. DDMS works with both the emulator and a connected device. If both are connected and running simultaneously, DDMS defaults to the emulator.

Running Debug Monitor Service (DDMS):

From Eclipse: Click Window > Open Perspective > Other… > DDMS.
From the command line: Type ddms (or ./ddms on Mac/Linux) from the tools/ directory.

DDMS Documentation</strong>
This page contains documentation for the current release of DDMS®, Version 10.

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